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The landscape of connectivity is heterogeneous. You need a platform that connects it all.

Octoblu enables you to connect anything with everything, regardless of protocol or API. Whether it's a sensor, a cloud service, an embedded device, or industrial machinery, Octoblu allows you to easily connect it and securely manage it.



Octoblu’s drag-and-drop designer makes automation simple. Our visual editor is powerful enough to handle complex interactions, yet simple enough for even non-engineers to use. Just drag, drop, and deploy your automations, without ever writing a single line of code. You can also share, import, and export your automated flows.



Automated workflows are stored securely and are designed to run with high availability. You can easily design and deploy automated workflows to run 24/7 in sandboxed containers.

Our compute engines (Octos) allow you to deploy your automations in a secure environment that is flexible enough to run in a cloud, laptop or on a Raspberry PI. You can run your automations through our hosted service or in your own private environment.



With Octoblu, you have insight into all of the data related to your connected devices. Not only can you visualize that data directly on our platform, you can also feed it into your existing big-data aggregation tools, like Splunk, ElasticSearch and TempoIQ.



Octoblu was designed with security as a core principle, not an afterthought. Octoblu enables secure device communication using encryption and our fine-grained permissions model.

Our Platform

Octoblu enables companies to create IoT services with secure real-time exchange of data. The services are built on an open communications and management platform that supports a variety of protocols for physical devices to communicate seamlessly with each other, people, legacy applications, and cloud services.

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Our platform is flexible and can provide IoT solutions for multiple domains like ....

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